Set a course for expansion
- smoothly crossing The Seven Seas

Controlled International Expansion

Foreign direct investments can result in a long-term revenue stream that accumulates exponentially. In stark contrast, new product investments mostly produce only a cash-flow stream that is limited to the lifecycle of the product. So venturing abroad offers a compelling growth proposition, but only if it’s done right.

According to United Nations forecasts foreign direct investment continues to rise and reached already over a trillion dollars per annum. This trend is expected to continue over the next 15 years, as new multinationals from emerging markets rise in importance in the Global Arena.

The competitive landscape is set to be transformed over the next decade as new emerging multinationals lead the way in seeking new markets abroad. The devise of the future will be "grow or go".

But the performance of firms outside their domestic borders is decidedly mixed. Some firms achieve huge profit gains while others seem to accumulate mounting losses. Many firms struggle for long periods to make their foreign ventures a success. Many of them fail.

 to enlarge: KOMPRENI
 MODELWhy is one company so successful while another one in comparable circumstances fails?

Recent studies of reputable Business Schools and Universities prove: Successful companies follow clear and consistent patterns in their expansion over time. They stay in control of the process of internationalisation and follow a set of basic principles that cause their expansion to unfold in a consistent pattern. The needs are: Strategic Expansion Know-How, Domestic Market Knowledge and Intercultural Competence. Qualified resources are rarely available for internationally expanding firms.

That’s why we did a comprehensive research and designed the KOMPRENI Model for Continuous Expansion, integrated best practises of major multinationals and well-proven consulting tools, to support you to “glocalise” your business in foreign countries and markets – adapted to your business model, your products and your competitive advantages. To help our Clients to avoid costly risks, increase the pace of expansion, and to overcome the “Liability of Foreignness”. 

Why do firms need to expand by means of a consistent pattern, rather than through individual, ad-hoc ventures?

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