Building Global Leaders

KOMPRENI ist auf globalem Wachstumskurs

Strategic Expansion Know-How, Domestic Market Knowledge and Intercultural Competence are keys to success in the internationalisation of any business - and our core competencies at the same time.

We have already consulted with many of the Fortune 500, and delivered programmes for and in several countries. We advise top enterprises from all industries as well as private and public institutions, strategy consultancies and private equity investors world-wide.

KOMPRENI is a growing international network of member firms providing Legal, Tax, Consulting, Placement and Advisory Services. Our Services are uniquely focussed on Effective Global Integration. KOMPRENI has its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. As former British Colony and “the Gateway to the Middle East, Europe, and Africa”, Cyprus is a prospering country of growing strategic significance representing the meeting point of great cultures and the beachhead to large markets: Eastern, Western and Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Since 2004, the Republic of Cyprus is a member of the EU and adopted the Euro as its currency.


Our Vision is that our Clients achieve the Global Market Leadership in their markets! Our Core Mission is supporting you to grow your business in new markets efficiently by serving you excellent Consulting and Advisory Services, Management Trainings, and Domestic Market Knowledge as a reliable on-site service tailored to your needs.

Our main Objectives are to make your foreign venture a success, to advise you how to avoid costly mistakes, and to increase sustainably the pace of your organisations’ market expansion. That is why we have only one measure of success: YOURS! Only if you become successful we can become, too. If you fail, we fail as well. We want to keep the best reputation possible. We offer our Member Firms and Partners a genuine business opportunity of lasting value, which has been developed for sustainable success.


Our passion is international business! That’s why we work for KOMPRENI. We are global-minded but down-to-earth. Our advisors, managers, intercultural trainers and consultants have demonstrated success in Auditing, Accounting, Legal Affairs, Investment Banking, Management, Export, Marketing, Sales, Consulting, or Training and convince with outstanding professionalism, leadership, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. Each of us has a proven track record of helping organisations makes sustainable improvements in their international businesses and exceptional methodical competence.

Rechtliche Daten / Impressum


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    40 Kimonos street
    3095 LIMASSOL
    Cyprus / EU

    Managing Director
    Haralambos „Haris“ Constantinou

    Registrar of Companies, Republic of Cyprus, Nicosia

    HE 255918



    Haris, Managing Director

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